• Mrs. M

A Letter from Mom

Author: S. Morales aka Mrs. M 5/12/19

My child, I want you to know that when you grew in my womb I had no idea of what would become of your life, but I knew I loved you For 9 months you held residence inside of my womb, I didnt know the hardships you would face or the decisions you would make, but I knew I loved you The first time I looked at your beautiful face, I did not know how those eyes would view the world or how the world would view you but I knew I loved you. As you grew I tried to steer you the right way, I tried to teach you right from wrong, I tried. I did the very best that I could and I wonder some days if I did enough, if I gave enough, if I loved you enough.  We had our rough patches, i had so many sleepless nights when you went through your rebellious phase. You really did think you knew it all, and through all that, I loved you. You may not have thought so at the time, but I did. Now you're all grown up, Through the choices you made or perhaps some circumstance of life you find yourself isolated from the rest of the world. My heart broke the day the judge decided your fate. My child, would be locked away far away from me and life would never be the same. How I worry if you are safe, if you are hungry, if you are warm, my child,  no matter what our relationship was like. No matter if I was a good mom or an absent mom or a mom just trying to do what I can, I loved you and you are my child. You grew in my womb, my voice was the 1st voice you heard, my face was the first face you saw and I never wanted this fate for you. You were.  You are my child and I love you.


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