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A New Year

Happy 2020 to our subscribers & friends. January is already almost over. Wow! We pray you and your loved ones are all well.

Alot has happened so far in the Criminal Justice Reform arena.

3 areas that have been reformed effective January 1, 2020 are Bail, Speedy Trial and Discovery Reform.

There is already alot of controversy about the bail reform which will prevent those accused of a crime to be held because they cant afford bail while they wait for a trial. Which is a stark contrast to the past when most black & brown offenders were held in jail if they could not post bail. Some for 1 year or longer. My nephew was held on the boat for 3 years until he finally went to trial! That is such gross negligence.

Speedy trial is also getting a major face lift. Prosecutors will no longer be able to draw trials out for months. Rightfully so in my opinion. If prosecutors are going to charge someone with a crime it should be because they have the evidence to prove their case immediately. Too often they charge someone, get an indictment and then prolong trial by requesting delay after delay while they try to build a case. How is that fair? US citizens have a right to a speedy and fair trial.... Thanks for finally following the rules.!

Lastly, Discovery Reform, this is monumental!

Proscecutors will now have 15 days to turn in evidence after an indictment, in the past they could wait until the last minute before trial, which hindered an effective defense.

So there's alot going on but alot more needs to happen in New York State. There are several bills being presented that need our support. Check out the article below:

I will be posting some more of my personal thoughts in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Be well.



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