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Bring Back Our Visits Car Caravan

Please join AFJ-NY for a car caravan demonstration in Albany to fight for the restoration of visits in NYS Prisons!

Thursday July 23 Need-to-know details:

  • We will meet at 10:30 am in the Crossgates Mall South Lot (1-330 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203. Near Best Buy). Participants will check in, receive their bagged lunch, AFJ T-shirt, and route information.

  • We will depart at 12 pm and drive the route together, which will take approximately one hour total

  • After driving the route, we will reconvene at the Crossgates Mall South Lot, debrief, and depart!

  • Please make and bring your own signs, and attach them to your vehicle! Please stay on message! The only issue we are focusing on for this particular demonstrations is bringing back our visits! Let's stay focused to maximize our time and energy. 

Together, we will win! We will hug our loved ones again! Statement of Purpose The families, friends and supporters of the thousands of men and women who are incarcerated in prisons throughout New York State are united in our dismay over the inhumane changes implemented by New York DOCCS regarding visitation in prisons. These restrictions deepen the pain felt by the COVID19 pandemic by limiting visiting hours, forbidding physical contact, limiting the number of visitors to two, closing the children’s play area and shuttering the Family Reunion Program.  DOCCS is taking advantage of the situation in order to implement long-term harmful changes to visitation instead of making the safety, well-being, and mental health of our loved ones and us a priority. After shutting down visits for over four months where guards have not been required to wear masks until just recently (and they still refuse to wear them), these new rules, among other things have abolished the right for families to hug, kiss, or touch each other and have denied our children a space to play.  After traveling for hours to spend quality time with the people we love, we are expected to tolerate only seeing them for two fleeting hours. Just as the rest of the world is finding creative ways to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, DOCCS can also do so without using measures so harsh, restrictive, punitive, and unjust for families. Strong family ties are one of the fundamental factors for rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society. Our collective humanity demands that visiting not be curtailed with draconian measures. DOCCS must reinstate the previous visitation policy with meaningful ways to strengthen family ties in conjunction with more sensible safety measures.


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