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Please note that the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) has suspended visitation at all New York State correctional facilities at 5:00PM today until April 11, 2020. While in-person visitation will be impossible to replace, the Department will provide the following benefits to encourage individuals to keep in contact with their family and friends during this temporary suspension: Five (5) free stamps per week for use in accordance with Directive #4422, “Inmate Correspondence Program,” Two (2) free secure messages per week via electronic tablet, and One (1) free phone call per week in accordance with Directive #4423 “Inmate Telephone Calls.” This suspended visitation also applies to family reunion programs. However, legal visits will not be impacted by this visitation suspension. Legal visits will be conducted as non-contact (i.e. no physical contact allowed), as requests are submitted, and that option remains available within the facilities. At this time, this only applies to New York State correctional facilities. New York City jails are not affected.


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