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WHAT WILL IT TAKE?COVID-19: The Plight of the incarcerated written by: Pynk

I shared an article with Mrs. M today.

After reading it, it took me all day to gather my thoughts as to what to say in this blog.

The article spoke of the death of a woman in NYS custody from Corona who was loved dearly by her family both on the outside and the inside. The article disturbed me greatly. Maybe even more so than all the other tragedies that we all have been exposed to since this COVID crisis began. The plight of the incarcerated as it relates to this virus is beyond belief. As has been shared, we have been updated on the goings on in the men’s facilities in NYS and the deaths occurring within those walls, but, what I read today was the first in-depth story that I personally have been enlightened with regarding a woman in custody and the glimpse of what is taking place, specifically in a female facility. There are animals that are treated with more care and respect than the men and women that are incarcerated throughout the states. Animals that get better, more intense medical care than humans. Animals that are treated with love and kindness. The thought of them being left to die alone is unthinkable! Their owners would not tolerate such! Yet, this is exactly what is happening to men and women who are loved deeply. Their families with hands tied can do nothing! We understand that they have to accept responsibility and pay for the wrong that has been done. What it doesn’t mean is that they should die in that process from a virus that may not necessarily kill them if they were given half a chance by prevention and treatment! It seems that the only way the people of power understand a situation is if they live it for themselves. They have to walk through the fire and get burned in order to have a sliver of compassion. Indeed, what will it take for the powers that be to see that all life is valuable? The difference between people is that some were found out and others weren’t! The only thing that separates circumstances is a situation! He who is without sin cast the first stone. Pynk


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