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COVID & NYS Prisons

Good Morning Fam

Its been a little while since I've last posted. Its truly been difficult dealing with the isolation of working from home and not being able to see my husband! Now that NY is in Phase 2 of reentry Im faced with changes at work which can be promising or not... that's yet to be seen. Im trying to stay in a good mental space but man, this situation is taking a toll on us all.

I just read this article (See link below) very interesting on the lack.of testing and oversight of the NYS Prison Health System. Take a look...

I pray you and your loved ones behind the wall are all healthy and safe, please know this is a safe space if you need to vent out, I'm here for you! Lord knows these are trying times. Sending each of you positive vibes. Namasté

Be Well.

Mrs. M


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