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Edward's Letter

A few Sundays ago a letter was read on the air on the Voices Beyond the Wall radio show. I was so deeply moved by the words written by "Edward" a resident of a NYS Correctional Facility that I asked the Host my dear friend and comrade Ernest Henry to share the letter with me so that I, in turn, can share it with all of you; hopefully it will get the attention of those in power that can influence the changes we need in these "Correctional" Facilities. These words, so eloquently written, are the thoughts and feelings of millions of men and women behind the wall. They are the forgotten, the lives that dont matter to the society that discarded them, cast away, without a second thought! Well, I cant let them be forgotten! My husband's life matters, Edward's life matters, All of your loved ones lives matter!

I'm calling on all of you to be the voice for our loved ones, don't let them be forgotten!

Read this letter, digest it, let it sink in and then LET IT MOVE YOU INTO ACTION!

Edward, I hear you and you matter!!

Let us not allow our loved ones to be defined by their worst day!

In Solidarity

Mrs. M


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