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Hard to write

Updated: Sep 9

It has been very hard for me to write after so much loss this past week.

I am deeply hurt, I am angry,

I am worried, I am angry,

I am perplexed, I am angry.


My mind is reeling, how can our society, our politicians, our Government, the Administration at NYS DOCCS, the Superintendents, Deputies, Captains, COs live with themselves? How can they dehumanize human beings? How can they not see they are perpetuating and exacerbating the problems that exist within the Prison system! No human being should live or die in a cage!

This is who we have become??

How can brown and black men and women take jobs as COs and watch their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers caged up like animals.

How can they treat the families of those behind the wall, people who look like THEM as disgustingly as they do as if that uniform makes them better than us!

I am sooo angry!

I cried soo many tears for the 2 men who did not need to die last week. For their wives, for their loved ones. They look like me! Their families look like mine! They are my brothers and I DONT CARE THAT THEY WERE CONVICTED!!! THEY WERE SOMEONE'S SON, HUSBAND, BROTHER, GRANDSON, NEPHEW, COUSIN, FRIEND!!!


How can we not be angry? How can we not be afraid?

I have never been more afraid for my husband. He has done ALOT of time and Yes I've always worried because Prison is a violent place, anything can pop off at any time but this is a different fear.

Im in Fear for my husband's health.

I Fear the person responsible for administering life saving medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

Are they properly trained? Do they know his medical history? Do they care if he is saved?

That's what worries me!

The healthcare in NYS DOCCS is GARBAGE!

Please read the article at the link above, soo many deaths in prison could have been, should have been prevented!

I needed to vent out, and WE all need to find ways to address the lack of adequate Healthcare in these facilities. Our loved ones lives depend on it!

Rasheen & Saul should not be dead because of inadequate, incompetent medical treatment or lack thereof by the staff of Greenhaven CF. That in of itself is criminal negligence! Why aren't they held accountable?

Im so angry!

RIP Cuba & G-Red.. May you both dwell in peace, love and eternal freedom!

Mrs. M


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