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Hello Family

Updated: Oct 9

I want apologize for being off the radar for a little while, but I needed some time.

As you all know the deaths of Rasheen and Saul were really hard on my husband and I. It was so unexpected and too close to home. We needed to take some time to grieve the loss for us and for their families. Especially for Rasheen's wife, there isn't a moment when I dont think about her and not get teary-eyed. Please keep her in your prayers.

Its also been very hard not to worry about the looming 2nd wave of COVID and the possibility of more loss of life and visits possibly getting shut down again. We are fighting so hard to get normal visits and FRPs back....this can be a real set back for us all. We need prayer and divine intervention!

On a more positive note, outside of my work life, I've been very

busy with school, advocacy work and now as a fellow at Columbia Universities Beyond the Bars program. Im so excited to embark on this journey and to submerse myself in learning more about how to impact ending mass incarceration and Criminal Justice Reform!

I will keep you all posted.

I have a request of all of you, watch "Time" this month on Amazon Prime. Would love to get feedback from you all on this family's story. Its one we can all relate to.

Be well, stay safe.

In solidarity

Mrs. M

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