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How was your visit

If you have gone up for a visit please let us all know what your experience was.. I'd like to get an idea of what families are dealing with so I can write to our Governor, DOCCS Acting Commissioner Annucci & local elected officials.

My experience at Greenhaven Wednesday was interesting but I was super excited to see my husband!! 🥰😍🥰😍

Visits are supposed to begin at 7:30am, they didnt start processing till 8am, anyone who arrived before 7am had to wait 2 miles down the road at gas station until 7am & come back, I parked at 6:20am in the visitors parking lot and was asked to leave and come back at 7am, visitors had to ask COs for permission to use the restroom, go to vending machines, discard trash. Deputy Russo was rude and unprofessional to visitors & residents on and off the floor. CO Richards made the atmosphere very hostile and tense and was all over the place dictating restrictive rules. I get it, there is a need to be cautious COVID is a nightmare but the restrictions Wednesday were excessive.

A friend of mine was there today, she said there were other COs on the floor and they were less restrictive.

Also, weekend visits are going to be changed soon to only 2 weekend visits per month.

They will alternate A-L or M-Z weekends on both Sat & Sun but we will only be allowed to visit 1 of those days not both days on our weekend (twice a month). This means No more visits every weekend.

FRP is still closed!!

The fight is not over. Make your voices heard!

Be healthy, Be Well

In Solidarity

Mrs. M

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