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Incarceration and the separation of families

When a loved one goes to prison, that incarceration does not just affect that person. Incarceration separates families, and NYS DOCCS does not create a family friendly inclusive environment, contrary to what their web site says. Family members are subjected to being treated as criminals by staff, and other visitors are not always very nice or considerate of others. The visit process is long and stressful from the second you walk through the process area doors.

I sometimes believe it is designed to be a grueling process to discourage families from visiting.

Difficult as the process may be, faithfully, I am there every weekend, because the love of my life, my twin soul, my best friend is behind those walls waiting patiently for my arrival. Prison walls & long lines will not keep me away from him.

My friends daughter, wrote a song about the long hard struggle her parents endure because of her fathers incarceration. I've included the youtube link. Please check it out.

This song also tells my story and the story of many other faithful wives and families. Who go through this difficult experience but hold on with all their might.

As the song says:

"When it gets hard, and it will when the flames get too high to kill, I choose you as if I ever had a choice, in all the chaos and the noise, I only hear your voice"

I love my husband and no matter the circumstances, I choose him!

Thank you Shari, Deb and Kev for sharing this very private and delicate part of your life with the world. God bless you.

Be well.



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