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NYS DOCCS - COVID-19 Another wrongful death sentence

Incarcerated women unfortunately are forgotten even more so than our incarcerated men.

We @ Shackled Hearts, will not forget anyone behind that wall! No one, no man, woman or child deserves to be caged like an animal and forgotten by society!

This week another comrade, our sister, mother, daughter, friend, "Lulu" Housed at Bedford Hills succumbed to COVID-19.

I did not know Lulu personally, but it is said she was a survivor! Life wasn't easy for her, but she didn't allow her obstacles to defeat her or define her, yet, our system failed her.

Please read the article in the link below and pray for her family during this difficult time.

Sleep in peace Lulu... no more hurt, no more pain, you are free...

Thank you to our member and friend Pynk for sharing this article so we can honor this sister.

Be well, Stay healthy



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