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Today I had an interesting conversation with the Operations Office @ NYS DOCCS Albany. Although the DOCCS website clearly states they will open visits when all NY Regions reach Phase 3, which by the way all NY Regions are in Phase 3 and 4 as of 7/6; They have not yet confirmed a date nor do they yet have a plan on how visits will be scheduled. They are all in the dark.

I also had a conversation with a counselor in Family Services at Greenhaven who stated visits are supposed to begin 8/5, however that date is not set in stone and they have not yet started scheduling visits. When I asked when will they beging scheduling visits if visitation opens on 8/5, I was not provided with an answer just alot of attitude and the clear realization that even the people who work in family services at the facilities who are supposed to assist us in navigating the system are clueless.

My final call was to the Governors Office... No Answer....but, I left a message.

We the families must continue to make our voices heard! Not by being rude or argumentative but by calling and asking questions based on what they proposed as their plan!

All NY Regions are in Phase 3 & 4, yet they are not prepared to open visits as they proposed in their plan!

Albany NYS DOCCS - 1 518-457-8126

Gov. Cuomo

(Albany Office) 1 518-474-8390

(NYC Office) 1 212-681-4580

If we dont speak up, they will drag this out. I want to see my husband and I will call every day, I will be polite but firm until I get concrete answers as to when and how I can see my husband again!

Be well, Be strong



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