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NYS Facilities Visit Suspension Extended

Blessed Friday Family

I am feeling very heavy today. Im sad, Im scared, Im angry....

DOCCS is using this crisis to redesign visits with our loved ones as we knew it! While I felt suspending visits was a necessary evil, my gut and decades of experience with our Prison system told me we would lose much more than our visits in the long run. DOCCS has been trying to minimize visits for a very long time, now that's exactly what they are going to do. As per Albany, visit suspension has been extended until at least 8/8. FRPs are also suspended until at least August. As per ILC at Greenhaven when the visits do open back up they will be no contact visits & reduced to 2 hours and will need to be scheduled in advance. I cant confirm how true that information is but I will be calling Family Services and speaking to a counselor on Monday and Albany if needed.

Do not take this lightly, we must speak up. Yes we must all be safe during this crisis but dont allow them to take from us what those men in Attica died for! We cant let that happen. We have to let our voices be heard!

Be safe, Stay healthy.

Mrs. M


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