• Mrs. M

"Please, Wake Up" Author: Mrs. M 11/24/2017

I see the familiar faces on the visit floor, Dedicated mothers, wives sisters, girlfriends visiting the men they love, some are still just boys. I believe, there is no stronger woman than these committed women. Are you worthy? Or are you still caught up in your own selfishness? That same selfishness that has kept you away from your childs first steps, their school dance, their first crush, their many graduations, your sons first car, father daughter dance at your daughters wedding, the birth of your childs, first child. Your mom and dad's last breath. You fought so hard for streets that were not yours, and the consequences of that battle is your freedom, will you fight that hard to right your wrongs to show those who wake up early in the morning to share a few hours with you each week, drop off that care package put money on your books just to make sure you can get by that you are working on YOU so you can be better for THEM! We allow the guns & the drugs into our neighborhoods, why? Why do we allow this poison to rob our youth of their innocence, their freedom, their lives? For everyone of us who makes it out alive there is another one of us labeling that person a sell out,Wake up Unify, through unity and support we can accomplish mass success rather than mass incarceration, there truly is strength in numbers. Educate, havent you heard knowledge is power? Ignorance breeds oppression. Develop yourselves, Your children, your communities. Be the best you, that you can be and see the best in others. Build up, give back to society and teach others to be produc tive members of the communities we live in. We all need to wake up, it starts and ends with each one of us behind the wall and in the world. Value yourselves, you are more than a statistic, together we can change the world, see beyond our differences, our hoods, our sets so much good can be accomplished through unity, wake up. Society has labeled us minorities, less than. I am not, you are not less than. But only when we unite can we become more than they ever expected us to be. Wake up, grow up, build up, step up. Please, wake up.


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