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Special Thanks to Soffiyah Elijah and AFJ

I would like to Thank Ms. Soffiyah Elijah and AFJ-NY for being the voice for us and our loved ones behind the wall! Yesterday morning Ms. Elijah hosted "On the Count" on WBAI 99.5 FM. The guest speakers were phenomenal and spoke about how the NYS DOCCS visit suspension and the anticipated new visit restrictions has and will impact their families. I have to say I sat in my car in tears listening to these women verbalize what I too am feeling. We are all in this together and must organize and stand up to NYS DOCCS to reinstate FRPs and Visitation, without cutting visit hours, without mandating scheduling of regular visits and without implementing No contact visits! Join AFJ this Thursday 6pm - 8pm to find out how you can help. (Zoom info will be shared when it becomes available)

There is Strength in Unity!

Be well.

Mrs. M


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