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Taking time for yourself

Updated: Jul 6

Happy & blessed Sunday.

This weekend has been one of rest, reflection and spirituality. Through all that has been happening in our world the stress of COVID, stress from work, stress for some who have lost their jobs, stress of not seeing our loved ones and the uncertainty of when we will see them, its easy to let all that craziness overwhelm you and pull you down. In our quest to take care of everything and everyone else, we forget to take care of ourselves.

This weekend I just fell back and rested, did what I wanted to do. I didnt think about anything, I just let my mind be still. It helped so much.

To be transparent life for me over these 4 months has been filled with sadness & loss. In total we lost 15 family members & friends to COVID. I have lived in a constant state of fear of this virus, for my husband, my kids and grandbaby, my parents, my siblings and nephew, and myself! As we slowly transition back to "normalcy", I'm hesitant, yet eager to feel normal again. Im going back into the office 2x per week and I'll see how that goes. I'm anxious to see my husband in August God willing and concerned about what the new visit rules will look like. I guess we will deal with it when the time comes.

No matter what happens, just remember to breathe and take care of you. We are no good to anyone if we dont take care of ourselves.

My mantra this week is "Do not stress over what you cannot control"

Let Go & Let God....

Be Well.

Mrs. M


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