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The Greatest of these is Love

A message of love, from our friend and member Pynk:

As we continue to move forward in what has become a whole new world, let us not forget to consider one another in love. We have had more than enough confusion and hatred in these past years. As Corona rages on across our nation we have seen kindness and consideration come alive on scales that we have not seen for a long while. Let’s not forget to keep the love flowing even when this crisis passes. Do not wait for the next crisis to come, because it will, to let family, friends, loved ones, neighbors or even strangers know that they are loved. A kind word, a passing smile can sometimes be just enough to convey the message. Lastly, with a lot of our loved ones incarcerated, the love, the plain kindness needs to be given on the inside by the wearing of masks and observing social distancing. This in an environment where unfortunately they cannot make the decisions for themselves. Surely they would decide to save lives by doing so, specifically their own, but not selfishly. Every person has a family and each one of us is loved by someone. Agape - Pynk


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