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Think before you act...

Here is a commentary from our member Pynk on how we must think before we act. Ripple affects people, the ring gets bigger and bigger, read on:

Having read Mrs. M’s last post, regarding the closings and consideration of closing facilities throughout NYS and how this will bring undue hardship on many families, I must bring attention to Reform. The reforming of the criminal justice system specifically the bail issue at the moment. Ladies & Gentlemen, hopefully this little note will reach you. Always consider the next person that your doing “something else” that is negative, will affect. That something that will cause more questions than answers. More problems than solutions. Others will suffer from your lack of making the right choices. Such as the reform bill being considered now for repeal due to recidivism. Remember that recidivism is not just a danger to the community on a whole. It puts in absolute jeopardy those that remain incarcerated who will come before the parole board seeking a chance at freedom. Freedom to live outside the confines of a cell, regimented daily living, violence, and the list goes on. Do not think for one second that what happens in the street does not have far reaching effects. Think before you act! Never forget the brothers and sisters that may count on you to make a difference in their lives.



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