• Mrs. M

Trying to be strong for us

I dont think there has ever been a time in my life where I have felt more helpless than in this time of crisis.

There is nothing that I can do, no one who I can write a letter to or make a phone call to that will make things better for my husband. No one is doing anything about this situation fast enough to preserve our loved ones lives!

I can't protect my love from the seasonal elements like I do when I send him winter gear or a warm blanket. COVID-19 is behind that damn wall and is claiming lives, the invisible gang banger who has no alliances!

Yes I pray, all day, every single day and beg God to keep my baby safe & healthy. @ this point, Thats all I can do!

I feel terrible for all the men and women inside, they must be so afraid, in a place where you dont show fear! please pray for every one of them. May the Holy Spirit fill every facility and protect and comfort our loved ones.

Below is a link to an Article from a resident at Sing Sing.

Be well, stay healthy

Mrs. M


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