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Update - COVID-19 at NYS DOCCS Facilities

Good Afternoon Family

I pray you and your loved ones are healthy & safe. While the numbers in NY are going down, they continue to rise in the facilities. Governor Cuomo has yet to address this during his daily press conferences.

Visitation is suspended through 5/15, however it is likely that may be extended again if the number of positive cases among staff and residents continues to increase.

Many residents at Greenhaven who are sick are locking in and not going to sick call, while I understand why they are resistant or fearful of going to sick call because they are not being treated appropriately, they are just being given Tylenol and sent back to their housing unit. If they are not moved to quarantine they put everyone else in danger of being infected and for those at high risk potentially dying.

I'm interested in hearing about what's happening at other facilities.

Below are the "current" numbers reported by DOCCS.

Keep praying and advocating for your loved ones. Be like roaring Lions, make your voices be heard!

Be Well.

Mrs. M


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