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Update - COVID-19 Cases at NYS DOCCS

As of 5/09 the number of positive residents at NYS Facilities continues to grow (434 overall) and deaths are up to 15. With Quarantine scheduled to be lifted 5/15, how do we determine if its safe to visit? What screenings will be put in place for visitors to ensure our loved ones are not put at greater risk?

We, the families need to call Albany (518) 457-8126 and ask these very critical questions! It would be selfish of us to go visit and unknowingly infect our loved ones.

Let's not be careless, demand screenings, and distribution of masks and Hand Sanitizer to all visitors and residents. Demand all surfaces, vending machines, bathrooms are disinfected daily going forward!

Its our right to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Be the voice for your loved one.

Be Well, Stay Healthy.



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