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Wrongful Conviction

It breaks my heart every time I come into contact with another family suffering as mine has, trying to make sense of how the system can throw someone away in prison who is actually innocent. The system is so antiquated and corrupt that this is sadly a frequent occurrence, and guess who those people frequently are?? Our Men! Disproportionately Hispanic & Black Men!! No one is held accountable for these tragedies and while those who are fortunate enough to have their convictions overturned are monetarily compensated, they cant get back those years, they cant undo the mental trauma incarceration causes. And NO ONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE, not the Police Officers who made the arrest, not the prosecutor's who built up a false case, not the Defense Attorney's who too frequently are court appointed, overloaded with cases and work in cohoots with the DAs office just to get it off their roster! Innocent Lives thrown away...

Please watch the youtube video below and help this family raise funds for this innocent man's legal fees. (Please share)

Support Greg Jackson aka Aleem (Justice for Gregory Jackson GFM Video) (GoFundMe Page)

My prayers and support are with Aleem and his brother Sean.

Be Well.

Mrs. M


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